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  Dr.  Uy Soung Chhan Sothy

  Ms. Mao Samvutheary

  Ms. Mom Sitha

  Mr. Pok Than

  Mr. Huy Kanthoul Vora

  Dr. Sieng Huy

  Mr. Oum Nareth

  Mr. Lun Seiha






          Mr. Vi Houi


Vice Chair

     Mr. Heal Soksary






Text Box: CSD Consultant
Mr. Van Sar
Text Box: Administration Unit
Mr.       Oum Nareth
Mr.       Thou Chanthea
Text Box:  
Legal and Elections & Parliamentary Watch Program
Mr. Soam Seila
Text Box:  
Research & Publication Program
Mr.  Oum Nareth
Mr. Sen Samondara 
Mr.  Thou Chanthea
Text Box: CSD Senior Advisor
Ms. Chea Vannath
Text Box:   
Board of Directors

CSD Organizational Chart

Text Box: Executive Director
Mr. Vi Houi  (Interim)
Text Box: Finance Unit
Ms. Choup Samphors
Text Box:  
Public Forum & Governance Program
    Ms. Soeung Charya (PF.)
 Mr. Sen Samondara (Gov.)
Text Box:    Program Manager
Dr. Sieng Huy